Thoughts of retirement may have you dreaming of luxury vacations and lazy days doing whatever you please, but for some it can cause tension in a marital relationship. Learn to lower potential stress resulting from this major life change with these four tips:

  1. TALK TO EACH OTHER – “I’m amazed at how little time most people spend planning what life in retirement will be like,” says Debbie Grovun, a certified retirement coach in Sarasota, FL. Retirement can feel disempowering and incite power struggles. Avoid this potential stress by communicating honestly with your spouse about your expectations of retirement.
  2. DISCUSS OBLIGATIONS – Again, keep the communication open. Discuss what activities and obligations around the house will be joint and individual. If one spouse is retiring, he/she may feel the pressure of taking on all of the household duties, which can lead to tension. Work out a plan that you both mutually agree with.
  3. KEEP COMMUNICATING – Decisions about retirement can’t be made overnight. The conversation may take a few days to even a few years. But the point is to keep communicating. If your spouse wants to retire at the beach and your want to retire in the mountains, communicate how you can find a compromise to satisfy both of your wishes.
  4. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP – Seeking advice from a professional regarding estate and retirement planning is strongly recommended. And if you and your spouse are still struggling with some of the hot-button issues, seeking a third party can help act as a sounding board. They can help determine the priority of each of your wishes and needs and guide you in the right direction to seek a peaceful resolution.

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