douglasville wills and trustsCall on Gerstenberger Law to Help You Ensure Your Family is Protected

The future is uncertain, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps to be prepared should the unforeseen happen. Most of us plan for the future, including purchasing insurance policies for life or health and saving for retirement. Each of these actions affects our future and the future of our loved ones. Likewise, the legal aspects of estates, wills and trusts help ensure your family is provided for in the event of your death.

Lois Gerstenberger is a trusted attorney with years of experience developing wills and trusts, which are the two primary vehicles for protecting assets and providing for loved ones.

  • A trust enables you to create a separate legal entity to protect your property and assets from probate, taxes and public scrutiny.
  • More commonly recognized, a will is a legal document that allows you to name a guardian for your child and specify who will inherit your property after you die. Without a will, you will have no say in the disposition of the property left behind.

You’ve worked hard and whether your estate is big or small, there are items of both sentimental and monetary value. Taking steps now to put critical legal documents in place gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

We look forward to assisting you with your estate, will and trust needs in Douglasville, GA.

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