At Gerstenberger Law, our mission is to help advise you legally to make the right decisions for your circumstance and situation. Clients agree that having the right attorney on your side makes the difference. As a trusted family advisor for over 30 years, you KNOW Lois Gerstenberger, P.C. is on YOUR SIDE!

Clients agree that having the right attorney on your side makes the difference.

“After researching lawyers in Douglas County and getting recommendations from all across town, I chose to use Lois. From my very first meeting until the closing of the case, she has remained in contact with and kept me informed at all times. She believed in my case from the beginning and took it as her own. My first experience with lawyers was in a divorce a few years back. That experience(with a different attorney) left an extremely unpleasant taste in my mouth for lawyers in general. Over the last year, Lois has changed my opinion entirely. Her staff is courteous and dependable as well. Let’s be one wants to use an attorney, but if you have to, I can not imagine a better experience than if you used Lois Gerstenberger.”
~ Eddie

“I was involved in a child abuse/child custody case and after getting recommendations from friends and other legal professionals in the area I called Lois. She met with me immediately and began work on my case. She moved quickly and efficiently in order to protect my children. Lois and her office staff worked diligently on my case for over a year through numerous court dates and hearings, mediations and meetings. She put in long hours and over-time to present our fact intensive case and eventually we got the verdict that we had long awaited for. If I ever had questions or concerns, I knew that some one was just a phone call or an email away, happy to help me out and put my concerns at rest. Lois and her staff are knowledgeable and professional at all times. While I hope my legal troubles are behind me, if I ever find myself in need of an attorney in the future, I’ll call Lois again.”
~ Ashley

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