Adopting a child can be an extremely exciting time for an adoptive parent and family, but it can also be overwhelming. No matter your reason to choose to adopt, it’s a personal decision that needs to be discussed at length with your significant other and family members. We strongly suggest you also consult with an adoption lawyer. Here are 8 steps to expect during the adoption process :

  1. Commit to your decision to adopt. Once you have a firm decision, commit to move forward with the steps of adoption.
  2. Determine the type of adoption best for you and your family. The three main categories of adoption include: international adoption, private domestic adoption and foster adoption.
  3. Begin your adoption home study.
  4. Depending on your adoption type, choose your adoption agency professional.
  5. Create your adoption profile if considering domestic adoption.
  6. Make a match or receive a referral, depending on your choice of adoption type.
  7. Welcome your child home! Hopefully you’ve already created the space for your new loved one whether he/she is an infant or older. Setting up childcare arrangements, alerting your health insurance company and preparing family members for a new sibling should have also been completed.
  8. Finalize the adoption. Depending again on the type of adoption chosen, finalization could take place in court or simply by receiving your adoption decree in the mail.

More information regarding these 8 steps to expect during an adoption can be found here.

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