Autumn has officially arrived and there isn’t a better time than this season to enjoy your outdoor space. Whether you are rooting your favorite college football team on or dining with family and friends, defining your outdoor space will boost your enjoyment. Here are 4 tips to help you define its purpose and enjoy your space to its fullest potential:

  1. LIGHTS: Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your space after the sun goes down. There are so many fun options to light up your outdoor space and bring it alive. A few ideas include solar powered lights, timed lights, hanging lights, string lights, rope lights, lanterns, battery powered candles, etc.
  2. SEATING: Creating a comfortable environment is key to enjoying your outdoor space. Once you’ve defined its purpose, determine what type of seating works best for your space. Plan on eating meals outdoors? Incorporate a dining table and chairs that can also serve as a game table. Interested in lounging while you watch the big game? Look for all-weather materials to allow for comfortable, thick-cushioned seats in bright colors and patterns.
  3. FIRE: Fire pits and fireplaces are a perfect complement to outdoor living. Whether an extension of your deck or a portable option, adding fire to your outdoor living space will delight your family and friends. Embrace your campfire skills and roast s’mores. Just make sure to have a water hose and fire extinguisher nearby for safety.
  4. STORAGE: Having a place to store essentials is a must for frequent enjoyment of your outdoor living space. While outdoor cushions are designed to endure rain, it is a good idea to store them during storms. Other items you may want to store until you are ready to use them include blankets for chilly nights, candles and a lighter, board games, etc.

We hope these 4 tips help you see how you can enhance your outdoor living space this autumn season! For more information regarding legal issues and your specific situation, contact Gerstenberger Law at (770) 920-7722.

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