In Part 1 of this series, we discussed overcoming myths and misperceptions of older workers in the workplace. Also discussed were the benefits of seasoned workers possessing real world realities and how it can positively impact the workplace. Here are 2 more of the 4 benefits of having older workers in the workplace:

3. With Age Comes Ability

We’ve seen how experience helps older workers compensate for some of the changes that may accompany aging. While its thought that younger workers are better at multitasking and juggling the technological distractions of the modern workplace, experienced workers can better avoid unnecessary distractions and mistakes. They tend to be more careful and understand the word “unplugging” better. So when an older worker may score a little lower on cognitive tests, their job performance or rate of workplace accidents doesn’t necessary drop. Studies show that even in physically demanding fields, older workers have advantages. Productivity increased consistently as the workers aged even up to retirement because they knew where to focus their efforts when dealing with problems and preventing costly mistakes.

4. The Power of Patience

The power of patience is important when dealing with stressful situations. Older workers tend to possess more patience, allowing them to deal with a crisis more rationally rather then emotionally. By approaching the situation with a calmer mindset, you can get a better vision of what’s urgent and how to solve the problem.

Now that we have uncovered the surprising truths about having older workers in the workplace, hopefully hiring managers will recognize the benefits of this workforce. If you are a part of that workforce and you are seeking employment, check out the job board at

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