These days, if you are 50+, it can be tough to find new employment. According to an Urban Institute study, half of unemployed workers over 62 drop out of the labor force within nine months. Unfortunately many then tap into their Social Security early therefore possibly missing out on some additional benefits and retirement security. Despite the bleak outlook, here are 2 of the 4 benefits of having older workers in the workplace:

1. Overcoming Myths & Misperceptions

Unfortunately some noted opinions of older workers include the assumption that they are less productive, poor at working with younger supervisors and resistant to new technologies. Other opinions include thinking they are already burned out and may be absent more due to illness. But studies have shown that these stereotypes of older workers really don’t prove to be a problem in the workplace. As a matter of fact, a report from Sloan Center on Aging & Work, hiring managers gave older employees high marks for loyalty, reliability and productivity. Yet age discrimination still exists in the modern workplace. If you are an older worker in the workplace or you are looking for new employment, be aware of age discrimination and how to overcome it.

2. Real World Realities

Seasoned workers not only tend to be more loyal, reliable and productive, they possess experience – their workplace wisdom. They know how to get along with people, solve problems without all the drama and enlist help if needed. They also typically have a deeper network of contacts and score high in leadership, detail-oriented tasks, organization, listening, writing skills and problem solving. Studies also show that older programmers knew a wider variety of topics than younger employees did. They also were able to better understand new technology with having the experience of older technology.

So if employers can look past the white hair or the date of the college degree, what they might see is the benefit to having more real world experience and maturity in the workplace.

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