Senior citizens aren’t the only auto consumers that should be on the alert for car scams, however older Americans tend to be more vulnerable to the possibility. Scam artists are sneaky and we urge all auto consumers, especially seniors to be on alert for these 10 car scams:

  1. Oil Changes: Most seniors drive less than the average car owner, typically putting fewer miles on their vehicle. As a result they need less service and maintenance to include oil changes. Don’t let local gas stations or mechanics convince you of changing your oil less than approximately every 7,000 miles.
  2. Miscommunication: Probably one of the worst car scams is when salespeople use the diminished hearing and memory of some seniors against them. If a salesperson says something to the effect of “You didn’t hear me correctly”, you should walk away from this scam.
  3. Repossession: Yes, a report has shown a 65-year old woman with dementia, living on Social Security and in public housing somehow got approved for a car loan and took possession of a vehicle. Although the sale wasn’t legit, creditors repossessed the vehicle and demanded the loan amount.
  4. Unnecessary Repairs: Similar to the oil change scam, don’t let gas station attendants or mechanics push repairs that might be unnecessary. Brake system repairs seem to top the list of scams.
  5. Relative’s Loan: Taking on a relative’s loan is typically an unwise decision. For example if your nephew with a low credit score is urged by the dealer to have you co-sign on the loan, you could end up being the primary owner.

The key to avoiding car scams is to be prepared and aware of the possibility. Stay tuned for Part 2 of 10 Car Scams Seniors Should Watch Out For. For more information regarding your legal situation, please contact Gerstenberger Law at (770) 920-7722.




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